Our Home Inspection services

At CW Inspections we help the residents of Fort St John feel confident in making and maintaining one of the largest investments of their lives. Each of our inspection reports is complete with full colored photos and a detailed description of the home we are inspecting.  Dallas’s report will highlight the reliability of the following mechanical systems and structure of your home. The following services are included:

Roof, chimney, and flashingsFoundation, and building structure
Exterior finishesAttic insulation, and ventilation
Air-conditioning systemsHeating systems
Electrical systemsPlumbing systems
  • Roof, chimney, and flashings
  • Foundation, and building structure
  • Exterior finishes
  • Attic insulation, and ventilation
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Heating systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems

Benefits For The Home Buyer

Find out what needs repair or replacement before buying your home.

The ability to negotiate the price depending on what issues we do or don’t find.

Learn how a home works and gain a maintenance plan.

Learn where the major systems and shut off valves are located.

Benefits For The Home Seller

Know the issues to fix before the home hits the market.

Gain awareness of issues that may de-value your property.

Advertise that your home has been pre-inspected adding more value and appeal for your buyers.

Benefits For The Home owner

Know the state of your home from a professional standpoint

Prevent future costly repairs

Keep your home safe for your family and loved ones

Have the ability to know how your home is working for the warranty process on new builds

A second professional opinion on the progress of construction of your new build

Our Home Inspectors are licenced, bonded, and insured

Pre-Purchase inspections

The most common type of inspection. It is used to help identify major defects and other problems. Used so the buyer can make an informed decision about the building’s condition and expense of related repairs.

Listing/Seller’s Inspection

This inspection is used to identify the problems with your home. You may share this report with a potential buyer, or use the report to make any necessary repairs to your home. It is beneficial to both the buyer and seller to know the house is in good order. This can encourage a quick sale.

Maintenance Inspections

This inspection is recommended every 3-5 years. It is a health check-up for your home, and is meant to clear up any concerns you have towards the state of your home. It is the same as a pre-listing inspection, except that you have no intention in selling your home.

Pre-Renovation Inspections

There is no set scope for this inspection. it is defined by the home owner, the details of the home, and the work wanting to be done. This inspection is a great way to separate your needs from your wants so that you can set a budget accordingly.

construction progress inspections

This type of inspection is conducted at various stages of construction, prior to any progress payments being made to the builder. The inspector has no conflict of interest between the two parties. This inspection is beneficial to everyone. It creates honesty and keeps everybody on the same page during the building process.

legal dispute inspections

This is a visual inspection of the building construction work. This report aims to provide clarity, facts, and independence to building disputes. This inspection is greatly beneficial towards enabling two parties move towards a resolution.

warranty inspection

This is an inspection of the new home before the builder’s warranty expires. It is used to discover any defects that will require warranty work before it is too late. Potentially a huge money and headache saver.

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